About Us

Peter Wyss, the founder of Modellbau Wyss has been a fervent builder of scale model aircraft for over 30 years.  During this time, he not only has built thousands of aircraft and other models himself, but along the way he has also learnt and developed innumerable techniques that make the finished model just that much more realistic.  And if desired, these models may be built in a diorama to create a very special environment highlighting the model.

 Modelbau Wyss has participated in many exhibitions and industry events over the past decade.  Peter has built scale model aircraft for museums and discerning collectors in Switzerland and abroad.

As his model building business developed, Peter also became more involved in the acquisition of special and rare models for customer requests.  This side of the business has evolved into a significant enterprise.  Today, Modellbau Wyss not only builds custom models for an international customer base, but the firm also sells a wide selection of unique model aircraft, trains, and autos.  There are thousands of model aircraft on display at the firm’s 500 sq. meter showroom in Hombrechtikon near Zurich.  With new collections arriving on a regular basis, the large selection always offers some pleasant surprises for the avid collector.

In order to make these models available to collectors further afield, Modelbau Wyss also offers many of the models in its internet shop under Auctions and More.

We welcome you to come by and visit the showroom or browse Auctions and More.  If you cannot find your dream model, Peter will be happy to build it for you.

Peter Wyss