Custom Built Models

At our workshop near Zurich in Switzerland, we produce a wide variety of vintage scale models.  Some you see in the collections on this web site.  They range from the military jets of the Cold War era to the classic passenger aircraft of the world’s airlines.  In fact, almost any aircraft.  

Modellbau Wyss has been a fixture at many exhibitions and industry events during the past decade.  Peter Wyss has built scale model aircraft for museums and for exacting private collectors all over the world.  He has sold a number of models through the world-renowned jewelry stores on Zurich’s famous Bahnhofstrasse shopping street.

Peter Wyss is fanatic about quality and details.  His scale models are meticulously crafted.  In most cases he is able to use a kit as a base and can develop the model to an advanced level of sophistication from there.  Occasionally, where there is no kit available, he works from a similar version and customizes the model, making some parts from scratch.  That is the case with the 1:48 scale DC-2 for example.  Since no kit is available, Peter starts with a 1:48 scale DC-3 kit and modifies it extensively (about 80%) to the correct DC-2 specs.  A similar situation arises with a 1:72 scale DC-7.

On most of the custom-made models, Peter provides a high level of detail.  Pilots have facial features and cockpit instruments are hand painted.  The model fuselage and wings themselves undergo multiple paint jobs, each requiring careful masking between coats.  For example, on a USAF B-58 Hustler, he starts with a coat of black, then silver, followed by a coat of aluminum paint.  Finally, the body is sprayed with chrome.  This process is carried out to enhance the depth of color of the model.  If desired, even individual rivets can be spot painted.  Engines are carefully assembled and painted according to the paint scheme of the original aircraft.

When desired, some additional realism may be added to the models.  Light, motion and sound can be built into the airplane.  Currently, the state-of-the-art electronics enable sequences that include inside and outside lighting being turned on and off, as well as an engine starting and shut-down cycle. The engines are powered by miniature electric motors and hidden speakers provide realistic sound. 

In some cases, owners of these custom-built models want to display their models in a realistic context.  Peter has built many dioramas that portray the model in a historical event.  For example, he has captured the remarkable landing in the Hudson River by US Airways’ Captain Sullenberger and the unique story of flight LX40, a Swiss 777-300ER, HB-JND which was diverted to Iqaluit in the Arctic and had its engine changed in extreme weather conditions. 


If you think of a scale model that you would like, just ask us.  We would love to build the perfect model for you.